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The Art of Tae Kwon Do

Although Taekwondo's roots were first developed over 20 centuries ago in Korea, it was not officially recognised as a system of self-defence until the 1950s when a group of leading Korean martial artists came together and unified their various art forms under a single style of hand and feet fighting. They named this martial art Taekwondo, and in the last 30 years have developed it into one of the most effective styles of unarmed self-defence in the world.

Taekwondo literally means the "way of kicking and punching". It consists of sharp, strong angular movements with free flowing circular movements to produce a balance of beauty and power. With the addition of Taekwondo's trademark kicking techniques it is a complete system of self-defence and personal improvement. All of its activities are based on the defensive attitude that was originally developed for protection against enemy attacks.

The most important fact about Taekwondo is that it is both a superior art of self-defence and a technique of mental discipline. It gives its practitioners self-confidence, self-respect, self-discipline, and coordination. These mental characteristics along with an improved physical ability are beneficial to the mental well-being of individuals as well as to their families and friends. With its practical means of self-defence and its complete regimen of physical conditioning Taekwondo offers a total fitness program integrating mind, body, and spirit.

Today, Taekwondo is the most recognised martial art in the world, and a popular international sport. It was a demonstration sport at the 1988 and 1992 Summer Olympic Games, and was a medal sport at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia, and 2004 Athens, Greece. It is also confirmed as a growing spectator sport in 2008 Beijing, China, and 2012 London, United Kingdom. As of today, Taekwondo is the only martial art of its type to be an official Olympic sport.